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​A video of the pop-up book introduction. 

​1'50 minutes.

"There's an ant inside of my glass of water"


Pop-up book, canson paper

Một ấn phẩm pop-up mà Xuân Hạ kết hợp thực hiện với nhà thiết kế và bookmaker Cát Nguyên ngay trong thời gian trưng bày tác phẩm "Có con kiến trong ca nước" như một phần song song của triển lãm. 

A pop-up book which i collabrorated with designer and bookmaker Cat Nguyen during the whole duration of the show "There's an ant inside my glass of water" as a parrallel part of the artwork being displayed inside the exhibition space.

About Cat Nguyen 

Graduated from Lasalle College Of The Arts in Interior Architecture, Cat Nguyen has been living and working at Singapore for the past 6 years before moving back to Hochiminh city. The journey gained her valuable opportunities to collaborate in cross-disciplined projects, where she developed her interest in Visual art as well as using paper as storytelling medium.

Inspired by the possibility of paper material, Nguyên is self taught in pop-up and paper mechanism. This diverse approach moves her further in the field of architecture. Her latest collaboration with various artists in Saigon explores a new way of using pop-up to transform space into pages as an exhibition archive and help bringing the artwork to the audience.

Out of office hours, she addresses herself as a "karung guni” (Singlish term for hoarder). She can be found in strange place, collecting weird stuff and listening to strange people stories.

Photos of the book. 

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