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Xuân-Hạ (XH) is an interdisciplinary artist, community-engaged art practitioner who currently lives and works in Da Nang; and whose practice focuses on the sociocultural changes in her hometown in the central region of Vietnam. Through various experimentations with materials, space, and social interaction, XH interprets the visual structure of  her own narratives using a vast array of different artistic representations such as collecting personal diary, video, sculpture, installation, and conceptual art.

Besides working as an artist, XH also plays an active role in building and expanding the local art community as she believes that community is at the core of her practice. She co-founded the art collective Chaosdowntown Cháo in Saigon (2015-2019); a sông art club/collective in Danang (2019-present); and recently in mid-2023 appear as a grandma character, she founded [supermArtket] - a semi-realistic experimental space to analyze, digest and visualize her interactive experiences with the social community on her own personal IG.

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