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Xuân-Hạ (XH), an interdisciplinary artist and community-oriented pratitioner based in Da Nang, Vietnam, has recently focused her artistic efforts on critically analyzing social-cultural and environmental transformations to better understand the cultural identity of her hometown in the Central region of Vietnam. Through her works, she interprets the visual structure of her personal narratives using a diverse range of artistic mediums, including video, installation, and conceptual art.


Besides working as an artist, Xuân-Hạ also plays an active role in building and expanding the local art community. She was the co-founder and artistic director of art collectives Chaosdowntown Cháo (Saigon, 2015-2019) and A Sông (Da Nang, 2019-present). Through a focus on educational art activities, she aims to cultivate a nurturing, safe environment, empowering and providing opportunities for emerging/inexperienced artist to thrive, fostering free thought and artistic exploration. 

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