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Short cut from "Má!"

Short film: “Má!” (2019)

20:02 mins

This short film is dedicated to our dear Mother and the siblings that I have never met.

An ethereal reverie of the living souls.

A girl wanders through places of reality and illusion. The dreamlike scenes serve as the afterworld where she exists. And her existence is but to seek a memory of her Mother whom she has never met. Memory is a shadow. Memory is self-deceit and memory is not truly memory.

The film unveils my personal feelings for my sister and two brothers who had deceased before the sunlight could shine on their lives, and of whom I am on behalf to dedicate this to our Mother. I play a role of a dead and unreal character in the film, yet it is myself lost in my own maze. I have never deeply contemplated on the blood bond until I unintentionally listen to the prayers my Mother whispers every time she burns an incense  for my late siblings. My Mother beyond her intention does create a very picture in my mind of time and space, life and death, of all the simple things around us so close and treasured and at one so fragile.

© 2019 Nguyen Vu Xuan Ha

Still from short film "Má!".

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