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Chaosdowntown Cháo is an artist-run, self-funded multidisciplinary space conceived by Thanh (Nu) Mai and Xuan Ha. Cháo-Chaos provides a safe, non-judgmental and malleable environment for artists to experiment on material, media and concept.  Its vision is to be a healthy ecosystem for open dialogs, creativity and connection between emerging artists and their audience. Since its inception in 2015, the space transformed from an art hostel, to gallery, café; it welcomed local and international artists, supported LGBTQ and minority groups. The current physical space is now closed, temporarily, as a response to the economic changes, but Cháo-Chaos collective remains at large. Cháo – Chaos is looking for a new location for our future venture.

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a sông is an art club, focusing mainly on culture and society topics revolving around the identity of local people and the land of Quang Nam-Da Nang. With an open mind, we hope that a sông can become a shared spiritual space has the same interest as anyone in any profession. At the same time, we look forward to learning, introducing and connecting art practitioners in the Central Region community of Vietnam to other local communities, both domestic and foreign.