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ChaosDowntown Cháo is an art collective and a contemporary art space located in district 1, Saigon.  “Cháo” means porridge in Vietnamese - a dish typically for kids, “Cháo - Chaos” is thus an own wordplay of mixing the chaos and the inner children in downtown Saigon.


Cháo is a bridge between an international expectant audience and a local artistic movement. Cháo provides a safe space for free thought, innovation of artistic practice, discovery of individuality, and promotion of emerging artists through workshops, exhibitions, and discourse. We will invigorate the passion for Vietnam’s artistic culture among youths through utilization of modern technology and art techniques.


Founded in 2015 by Thanh (Nu) Mai and Xuân Hạ. They have organized, curated, produced art shows in vacant places, art spaces, bars until the space opening in July 2016.

*Cháo was initially a very first art hostel in Saigon, it has been successfully brought together international travelers, artists, curators who interested in local art scene. In May 2017, Chaosdowntown Cháo transitions into a collective art space and remains providing art residency, workshop, and exhibition space.​​




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